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New and existing M-Track users - Softube's Passive-Active Pack FREE

For a limited time, new and existing users of M-Track 2x2, 2X2M and 2X2 Vocal Studio Pro from M-Audio are eligible for a free download of Softube's Passive-Active Pack. This is a collection of three distinct plugin equalizers, meticulously crafted from iconic real-life workhorse units used on thousands of recordings from past to present.

Elevate your mix and sharpen your sound with M-Audio's C-Series interfaces and critically acclaimed mix-essentials from leading software developer Softube.

Start Recording Now!

Recording and producing pristine 24-bit/192kHz studio-quality recordings is easy with the intuitive audio interfaces of the M-Track C-Series; 2X2, 2X2 Vocal Studio Pro and 2X2M. Boasting an elegant pro-grade metal chassis, a world-class software suite, all-new transparent low-noise Crystal pre-amps and pristine A/D converters that deliver the highest audio performance in their class, M-Track 2X2, 2X2 Vocal Studio Pro and 2X2M provide the tools to capture that initial idea and transform it into a finished masterpiece with ease – take your music to the next level and
Start Recording Now!

Elevate Your Mix

Softube’s Passive-Active Pack is a collection of three very different equalizers, each with their own character and meticulously designed with one aim in mind – to provide musicians and producers with ultra-intuitive tools to help sculpt the perfect mix. Passive Equalizer is modelled from an iconic German three-band EQ, armed with a wide bandwidth for an unsurpassed clear and open sound. Active Equalizer is the perfect tool where tight, focused sonic content is required; modelled from a distinct Swiss EQ design, Active Equaliser is the ultimate surgical platform for corrective processing where total mix-precision is demanded. Focusing Equalizer is an inspiring and reactionary take on a traditional EQ; an entirely original concept exclusive to Softube that works in a truly intuitive manner; Focusing Equalizer guarantees to take the guess-work out of the mixing process and lets users focus on what’s important – their creativity!

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